31 Days to Create - A Month of Creative Activation


An idea

I had an idea to start a project focused on a month of creative activation. I chatted to some of you about it on Facebook and you seemed keen to get involved. Really keen. 


I know so many people who want to write, paint, draw, sing, create, entrepreneur (?), and get stuff out there but are somehow stuck. How about we do something about that? 

What if?

What if, for 5 minutes a day, for just one month, we committed to daily exercising our 'creativity' muscles? What wonderful things might happen? What songs, poems, strategies, photographs, choreography pieces might emerge?

How is this going to work?

1. Sign up
When you sign up, you'll get a daily 5 minute exercise straight to your inbox. Just for 31 days of August. No spam. 

2. Activate now! 
Set aside 5 minutes in your day to do the exercise. Yes, really. Just pick a time and do it. 

3. Make something
Once a week (or more if you'd like), you'll have the opportunity to set aside a bigger chunk of time to actually make the thing you've been wanting to make. Write those lyrics. Take that portrait. Record that song. Edit that film sequence. Practice those dance moves. Figure out that problem. Don't worry, I'll prompt you as we go along. And remember, the focus is on the doing, not on perfection. 

4. Share the journey
A big part of the creative process is sharing your journey with others. Join this Facebook group, 31daystocreate, to share your process, what you're making, and interact with others on the journey. I would love to see some real connection and communication going on here. It can be a risky thing to actually share your work, but let's take the plunge together.

And, can we all agree that this is a judgment free zone? ;)

4. Use the hashtag
#31daystocreate will be our hashtag. So go ahead and share to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and wherever else your social media takes you. How great will it be to be able to look back over this month and see how we've progressed. 

If you have questions, or would like to know more, leave a comment here, email me on clairebrear@gmail.com, or drop me a Facebook message. 

I'm so looking forward to sharing this journey with you.