31 Days to Create - What Happened Next?


In August, on a bit of a whim and a sniff of inspiration, I decided to run a month long course consisting of daily creative activations for stuck creatives. I put the word out there, and people seemed keen so I jumped right in and designed a daily creative exercise to send out for the month. It grew into something really special, and I ended up not just cheerleading from the sidelines, but really going through my own process of pushing to a new level of concentrated creativity. 

Now that its all done and dusted, I'm tying together some loose ends, and I thought I'd write a blog post detailing how the project went.

  • 71 people signed up for #31daystocreate - a small, but positive start
  • Participants came from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Australia, the UK, US, Germany, Brazil, and the UAE
  • 31 creative activation exercises were went out to participants daily for the month of August
  • People committed to a range of creative goals: surface pattern design, portrait photography, prop creation, painting, children's illustration, song-writing, starting a blog, designing courses (including a photography course, and a children's writing course)
  • We used a closed Facebook group for sharing of ideas, processes and challenges, as well as for posting what people had been making

Since one of the main aims of the project was to help inspire and ignite people's creativity, the feedback I received at the end of the month has been very encouraging. In a survey after the month of exercises, I asked, "Did #31daystocreate help you? If so, how?" Here are a few responses worth mentioning:

It helped me set aside time to focus on my creative gifts and encouraged me to keep pushing in that direction.
It felt as if it ignited a new creativity in me - one I have been longing for, for longer than I can remember. I am now making more art daily than I ever have!
The daily activation helped me to get some momentum again on a creative project I had not touched for a couple of months.
It has been a fantastic month and I feel creatively inspired for the first time in a very long time.

At the end of the 31 days, I put together an eBook based on the daily posts, which I gave to all the participants for free, which now available to purchase over through my shop over here. 

That process is another story altogether. :)