A Journey into Creativity

I got it into my head to chat to artists and makers about their experience of taking part in an ongoing creative challenge - like a 30-day, 100-day or even 365-day thing. In addition to hearing about people's creative journeys, what their goals are, and what prompts them to start, I was really interested in the mental and emotional processes that go into this sort of challenge.

My hope was that by getting into the nitty gritty of it, it might help prompt other people to dive into their own creativity and take their next creative step.

I started contacting friends and strangers alike, set up some skype chats and email interviews and ended up interviewing ten artists, illustrators, writers, musicians, photographers and film-makers. I learned so much through this process (and was even inspired to do my own 30-day challenge as a result).

You can read each of the interviews below.

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