A Riot of Yellow

Cassias are flowering everywhere, and in the late afternoon light they begin to glow a little, inviting you to come a look a little closer. I've been meaning to take some photos of them to try and capture their floral character, and I finally did so yesterday afternoon. It does look a bit strange to the average passer by when you have your nose stuck in a shrub, snapping away at pods and blossoms. Sometimes there's a concerned look and a quick acceleration as they drive past, and sometimes there's a benevolent wave. 


I was a little sad to learn that this scrambling bush is an invasive species and is apparently poisonous to birds and bees. Its known as the rambling cassia, or senna bicapsularis and grows up to 3m high. The leaves are green with yellow margins and leaflets in 2-3 pairs with rounded tips. The small yellow flowers have clearly marked brown veins and appear from May to October. It also has brown, cylindrical pods 5-6cm long. It originally comes from South America and the West Indies. (I learned this over here). 

I used this flowery photo shoot as an opportunity to practice using my new(ish) 50mm F1.8 lens, which I love for its dreamy bokeh effects. The 50mm doesn't let you get too close into the flower itself - I'll have to save up for a macro lens for that!

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