Alessia Pinna - A Squarespace Site



Alessia Pinna is a lifestyle and branding strategist based in Joburg. She wanted a clean, feminine site for her growing design and holistic lifestyle business - a website that would allow her to introduce herself, showcase her portfolio, share customer testimonials, display her range of services and enable her to start to build an email list. 

Project Elements

Here are some of the element I worked on for Alessia's site:

  • Landing page
  • Site style guide
  • Sitemap
  • Site build
  • Social media integration
  • MailChimp integration
  • Acuity scheduling integration
  • Custom coding


Alessia had already put together her logo, branding and design elements. We used her main logo on the site header, and her submark in the footer of the site. 

Logo designed by Alessia

Logo designed by Alessia

Colour palette

Colour palette

Look & feel

Look & feel

Template & Customisation

I chose the Rally template, which is part of the Brine family, because of how customisable it can be both for desktop and mobile. I introduced Alessia's colour palette in the page backgrounds, fonts, buttons, headers and footers. Almost all the pages (except for the blog) are stacked index pages. This 'page within a page' approach allowed me to make use of background images, alternating page backgrounds, and section breaks which helped to structure the content without it becoming overwhelming.

There was a fair amount of customisation that needed to happen from custom code on the landing page, the footer, opt-in sections, fonts and quotes, banners and info sections.

Here's the style guide for the site using Alessia's custom brand fonts and colours.  


The Site


Congratulations to Alessia on her site going live! I'm so excited to see how her business grows in the coming months.

PS. A note to visual creatives on taking the next step.

The more I work with visual creatives, and by that I mean photographers, fine-artists, illustrators, graphic designers and the like, the more I find a few recurring patterns. These are the kind of people who have incredibly high aesthetic standards, impeccable taste, who know what they want and don't want, who tend to be perfectionists, and often feel like they're not quite ready to launch their product, site, or services. I think sometimes the blessing of being detail oriented, highly creative and hardworking can create an environment where its almost impossible to come up with an online portfolio that you're happy with. Not only that, but most visual creatives are also really good at anything they try! So that makes it even harder to hand over the work to someone else. Ever heard of a graphic designer who struggled to come up with their own branding, a photographer who is uncomfortable sharing personal work, or a web designer who just hasn't gotten around to their own website yet? I suspect you might know what I mean. 

Where am I going with all of this? If you're someone who might fit into one of these categories and who has been delaying on building their own website because of any or all of the reasons I mentioned above, I'd like to invite you to think about partnering with someone else to help bring your ideas to life - someone who can allow you to step back and see the bigger picture, someone who appreciates your eye for detail. You might find in reaching out to partner with someone else in this process, you might just come unstuck! There are loads of brilliant graphic designers, copywriters, branding specialists, app developers, web designers and photographers out there ready to help you take the next step.