January is Turquoise [Introducing the Colour Project]


How it Started

Toward the end of 2017, when the Instagram craze of sharing your "best nine" photos of the year came around again, it got me thinking about the colours that have featured in my own photography over the course of a year. I ended up going down a rabbit hole looking, and sorting, and making pretty collages out of the various colours I'd captured. 

[Here's the Steller story I made about "2017 - A Year in Colour"

I'd already been thinking about doing a more focused photo project for the year, and when a friend suggested I focus on colour, that was it. Here's what I wrote in my first Instagram post for 2018, to give you a better idea of how it all started. 

New year, new project. Although last year was colourful, I don’t think it was nearly colourful enough! This year, when it comes to Instagram, I’ve decided to focus on bright, bold, glorious, crazy colour. I’m going to dedicate one month each to shades of turquoise, green, orange, yellow, brown, black, white, blue, purples, pink and red. I’m hoping it stretches me creatively and helps me pay closer attention to the world around me.

January is Turquoise

I decided January would be turquoise. Although I gave myself a bit of leeway by using a few photos I had on hand, most of the images I posted in January were ones I went looking for. I've found my eye gravitating to turquoise, whether it be the dress of a woman waiting at a bus stop, shop window displays, or architectural details. I've also learned a bit about the colour turquoise, how to make it, it's neighbouring colours (aqua and teal), and where the term originated (it's the French word for 'Turkish' where the gemstone was originally imported from).

So that's January, done and dusted (you can see the whole lot over here). 

P.S. February is coral!

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