Ceramique - A Concept Squarespace Site



I wanted to put together a one-page Squarespace site based on a couple of ideas I've been toying with lately so I came up with this "concept" site idea and called it 'Ceramique'. I was picturing a site for the kind of business that values the creative impulse, is drawn to natural textures and embodies things like sustainable, slow-living practices. 

I wanted the design, feel and look of the site to be calming, nurturing and inviting. I also wanted to try out a few things I've come across more and more in web design like:

  • asymmetrical gallery layout,
  • large and deep banners that take up loads of room,
  • minimal copy, and a
  • wide, scrolling Instagram feed.

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A Central Grounding Image

Often when I'm in the initial research and inspiration phase of a web design, I find that there's a particular image that grabs me and seems to somehow embody the spirit of the project in the style of photography, the colours and tones, and the subject matter. When I found this image by Californian based photographer, Huyen Do, on Unsplash, I knew this was what I was looking for. 

Image by  Huyen Do

Image by Huyen Do

I also found a few other beautiful supporting images of pottery and ceramics by Annie Spratt and decided to use those as the blog images, and gallery wall photos as you'll see later on.

Site Design

The idea was to keep the design of the site very simple and let the images speak for themselves. I used the Squarespace Brine template, with:

  • an announcement banner,
  • long scrolling indexed home page,
  • welcome banner,
  • a gallery page,
  • a blog summary page,
  • 'read the blog' banner,
  • a simple contact form,
  • scrolling Instagram grid,
  • and detailed footer. 

I kept all the other aspects very understated, the fonts pretty small and clean and pulled in the dark grey-blue of some the pottery items into the colour of the footer. 

Simple logo

Simple logo

Site colour palette drawn from image

Site colour palette drawn from image


I so enjoyed putting this site together. It really is a joy working with beautiful visuals as a springboard to a design. I may be doing some more of these concept sites soon, both as a way to practice some design skills, and to keep the creative juices flowing.

If you think this style of site would suit your business or project, please get hold of me and let's chat about putting something together for you!

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