Cornerstone Learning Centre - A Squarespace Site

Cherish the children marching to the beat of their own music. They play the most beautiful heart songs.
— Fiona Goldsworthy

Supporting Kids with Autism

Sheryl Mulder, a school teacher based on the KZN South Coast had a dream to start a small school to support children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), as well as learners who experience developmental delays that make it difficult for them to learn in mainstream classrooms.

In 2012, that dream became a reality as a group of teachers, board members, donors, and helping hands came together to start Cornerstone Learning Centre. They have an eclectic teaching methodology, focus on small classrooms with a high teacher/learner ratio, and draw from a range of learning styles. The premises include a sensory room where kids can find some respite from the busy outdoor world and hole up in a hammock, watch luminous lights, or play with a variety of tactile materials.

They school has a psychologist, occupational therapist and speech therapist working on the premises supporting the learners, and there are always a range of fascinating activities going on from water play, jumping on the trampoline, or cooking burgers for lunch!

Project Elements

  • Client brief

  • Site research

  • Site design and build

  • Social media integration

  • Newsletters

  • Facebook set up

  • Banner design

  • Graphics

  • Photo editing

  • Custom video tutorials (with Loom)

Style Guide

The school colours are light blue, turquoise and dark blue, so I wanted to base the colour palette of the site on that, but I also wanted to give it a bit of a ‘lift’ with cheery yellow tones, and some background patterns. Overall, I wanted the site to be clean, minimal, easy to navigate as well as simple to manage for those taking over the site.

I love that handing over a site to client isn’t an intimidating process for them - they feel empowered to manage their own site in the future, add updates, blog posts, edit content, swap out images and so on rather than waiting one someone to do it for them.

I also have a bit of a thing for site borders at the moment, so this site got one too!


Moodboard + Icons

Turquoise is a predominant colour, and I added yellow, tones of light brown and tan, and bright icons against contrasting backgrounds. I tend to find my icons at

Bearista Design Moodboards (7).jpg

Design Bits + Pieces

  • graphics for sections on the home page

  • background for the Facebook link on the home page

  • Facebook banners


Template + Customisation

I chose the Moksha template, which features interactive galleries and full-width banners, which encourage visitors to explore your site. Typically people choose this template for Yoga studios, but don’t be mislead by the example content and images you find on a template, rather look for the way the template works - will it do what you need it to do?

A few customisations included a variety of index page set ups (Home, About, and Contact) incorporating banners, full content pages, and small galleries. I added custom colours on the buttons, links, and headings.


The Site


It really brings me great to joy to be able to help schools like Cornerstone Learning Centre, who are doing so much good for so many learners in need. On the KZN South Coast, and in South Africa, affordable, professionally staffed, and well equipped schools are hard to find. I’m really trusting that the teachers, staff and leaders of this school continue to find the funding, help, and sponsorship they need to support their learners, the parents and the community.

It was only by a generous anonymous donation that Cornerstone received their brand new website. Thank you, you know who you are! ;)

You have done an incredible job - you’ve captured the essence of our school so beautifully. It has been amazing watching this whole process unfold as you worked your magic with words and pictures to showcase our precious school to the world.
— Sheryl Mulder

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