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A Dream Project

When you get a brief from a graphic designer for a photography site, it qualifies as a dream project! Graphic designer Bianca Bouverie designed the logo and site for Courtney Clegg, a wedding, maternity and elopement photographer and asked me to put it together. It really is a pleasure working with visually oriented people who've already put a lot of thought into their project and have a clear idea of what they want. 

Bianca had designed the site and set up a few of the administrative bits and pieces, like the domain and email, and it was up to me to take it from there.

Project Elements

  • Landing page
  • Site build
  • Custom CSS
  • Squarespace tutorial

Logo & Design Elements

Muted vintage tones for the site.

Muted vintage tones for the site.


The logo was designed by Bianca Bouverie

The logo was designed by Bianca Bouverie

Template & Customisation

There were a few clear specifications for this site: a simple, clean, long-scrolling site with rotating banner headers, loads of white space, inspirational quote banners, custom fonts, and a blog. I initially selected Squarespace's Hayden template, which is part of the Bedford family since it is one of the few themes that allows for a site-wide scrolling banner with text overlay. 

But Hayden proved to have some frustrating limitations. Although I ended up creating a number of custom workarounds to be able to deal with these, it just got increasingly convoluted and I went back to the drawing board on this site and started fresh with the Pacific template. I really am a newcomer to CSS, so Squarespace's 'Answer' site has quickly become one of my most frequently visited sites! The learning curve is steep, and am feeling very stretched.

Some of the custom code elements I added were:

  • addition of custom fonts
  • customised Instagram feed
  • tweaks on the navigation, footer & blog page

The Site

I absolutely love my site and I honestly have never been happier. I cannot stop looking at it, thank you!
— Courtney Clegg
Home page for Courtney Clegg Photography

Home page for Courtney Clegg Photography

I'm really looking forward to seeing more of Courtney's gorgeous couples shoots, and wish her everything of the best for her growing business. If you're in KZN and want to book her services, why not visit her site and drop her a message.  

I absolutely LOVE working with designers, photographers and artists. If you're a creative looking for a beautiful online space, please feel free to drop me a line and let's chat.