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Change it up

My site has gone through a few rounds of revision, but recently, inspired by Melyssa Griffin's Pinterest course, I realised it might be a good idea to make my blog titles more 'Pin-worthy'. One thing led to another and having started with redesigning my blog images, next thing I knew I was moving things around, and sprucing aspects of my site up. It definitely turned into a website spring-clean - and you can read more about the details of that over here

Project Elements

  • Select new template
  • Refresh site photography
  • Update web copy
  • Reorganise blog layout
  • Design new blog graphics
  • Update contact forms
  • Add custom CSS


Bearista moldboard - I love the combination of these colours!

Bearista moldboard - I love the combination of these colours!

The Site


Some Custom Design

1. Custom background & fonts on contact form


2. Gumroad payment integration on 'Resources' page


3. Rotating gallery of testimonials on my home page


A few other bits of customising I did on the Hayden template was to add some of my own fonts and buttons.

The Blog

My blog holds the bulk of my web content so I spent a fair amount of time working on this to restructure it. Previously, I had a blog page in which I inserted a 'summary wall' so that my blog showed up in a cascading Pinterest style page. Each blog had a thumbnail, title, excerpt and date with a 'read more' link that took you to that particular post. 

When I restructured things I decided to group sections together like Squarespace, Creativity, Digital DIY, Instagram, Photography and so on. I created a heading for each of these sections followed by a blog summary. I kept the sidebar on the right-hand side where I put my social links, a search bar, a profile pic and introduction, Instagram feed and links to my blog archive. 


I'm sure most bloggers will agree with me it is really hard to know when to stop and say enough is enough! There are endless amounts of tinkering and tweaking that can be done, but at some point, you just have to stop and say that's it! I'm already thinking about my next blog revamp - in the meantime, I will exercise self-restraint and get on with more important things!

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