Every Nation Marseille - A Squarespace Site


My first ever French site!

Every Nation Marseille have been around a while - a church plant out of the States reaching out to artists, students, locals and internationals who have made the port city of Marseille, France, their home. This was a first for me - not necessarily a site for a church or an NGO, but a site in an entirely different language! Thank you Google Translate for allowing me to at least understand what the content of the site was, and which elements should go where. There were some learning curves to overcome, like figuring out that Squarespace really does allow you to have an entire site in another language, as opposed to using non-English text. What do I mean? Well, you could easily paste in all your web copy, and still get those default settings in English - dates, form ‘submit’ buttons, automated thank you messages and the like. That’s why it is important right at the start to select the correct language. Squarespace has a great help article on how to select your desired language here.

Project Elements

  • Client brief

  • Site research

  • Site design and build

  • Social media integration

  • Audio/Podcast set up

  • Events page

  • Image sourcing and editing

  • Custom video tutorials (with Loom)

Style Guide


The keywords we were working with for the site images were young, inner city, gritty, graffiti, seaside, gathering, friendship, intercultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-generational. I put together a stockpile (excuse the pun) of images which we drew from as we went along. You can check out that collection over here.

Colour Palette

Colour palette of dark blues, greys, cream and coral/orange.

Colour palette of dark blues, greys, cream and coral/orange.



The Site


Site Handover

In the last year or so I have begun to provide a ‘suite’ of tailor made videos for clients when I hand over ownership of the site to them. I usually cover a range of topics like:

  • How to access the back end of your site

  • Basic image and text edits

  • How to add, edit and duplicate blog posts

  • How to add, edit and duplicate events

  • How to access your billing, accounts and analytics

If there are other topics a client specifically wants me to cover I will makes sure they have the information they need. Here are some examples of the instructional videos I put together for Every Nation Marseille.



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