Golden Hour & Good Friends

My good friend Sizwe came to visit over the Easter Weekend. I had asked her if she would help me with a photo shoot - all in the name of me getting some decent practice taking photos of real live people (and not just solo-parked cars and flowers). The weekend went by and I completely forgot about the photo idea until Monday afternoon when the light suddenly turned golden. "Come on Siz, lets do this photo thing." She was ready for a long drive back home, in comfy clothes, hair pulled back, and zero make up. Hardly the right kind of preparation but she's gorgeous so it doesn't really matter. We took a little drive, all the while chasing the light, until we found an abandoned garden high up on a hill. The sun was dipping over the horizon in the distance. We only had a few moments to try get some decent shots in. What was a totally random series of turns let us to the most perfect photo location. Green overgrown lawns, wide-spread flamboyant trees, a view over the river, and.... a swing!


Thanks Siz for ignoring your grass allergies and going along with this idea. You're stunning my friend. xx

* Editing note. I actually toned down the saturation in these pics, if you can believe it. The green was SO green.