Harmonics - A Squarespace Site

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.
— Plato

Percussion, performance, and loads of passion!

Harmonics has been around a while - a collaborative of musicians, percussionists and teachers who host workshops, take people on musical journeys, and help others experience the magic and mystery of music. Paul Boyter, who leads the team, has gathered around him dancers, drummers, singers and other musicians from all over South Africa and aims to blend music and mindfulness into an authentic musical experience.

They were looking to update their website to match the new branding and illustration done by Joburg based designer Alessia Pinna. I’ve worked with Alessia on a number of projects, including her own site a while back. She handles the design and branding side of things and hands over to me on the web design side.

Project Elements

  • Site research

  • Image editing

  • Site design and build for 10 page site

  • Events page

  • Social media integration including audio

  • Custom video tutorials (with Loom)

Style Guide


Branding + Colour Palette



The images were supplied by Harmonics. It’s always a pleasure to work with high quality original images when starting out with a new site - it really can make or break the site design!

Template + Customisation

I chose the Rally template because I really wanted to focus on images and movement on the site. By enabling the parallax on the Rally template, stacking index pages with banners and galleries, you get a sense of movement between all the images on the site. We were going for a bit of a dramatic ‘wow’ factor keeping the design deliberately dark to pick up on the evening music-round-the-fire style images.

The Site


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