How to Create a Moodboard with Canva + Pinterest

How To Create A Moodboard.png

A moodboard is an arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text, etc., intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept. When preparing for your website build (or another creative project) it can be really helpful to take the time to prepare a moodboard to gather ideas, collaborate on a project, and communicate with your team in a visual way. Here's how to create a moodboard using two free online tools - Pinterest and Canva. 

Set up your Inspiration Board in Pinterest

1. Login to Pinterest


2. Navigate to your profile

navigate to profile.png

3. Select "Create Board"

create board small.png

4. Name your board

name your board.png

5. Select "Secret" and click "Create"

make your board secret.png

7. Make a list of things you want to search that relate to your business

  • Fresh colour palette
  • Decor trends 2017
  • Vintage logos

8. Enter search term in the search bar (I'm looking for 'colour palette')

search 1.png

9. Refine your search (I'm refining it to 'Green')

You can do this by clicking on one of the suggested searches that come up underneath the main search bar.

search refine.png

When I click on 'Green', a new bunch of search results come up that only relate to 'Green' + 'Colour Palette'. 

green colour palette

10. Click on one of the search results that catches your eye

search result.png

11. If you like it, save it by clicking "Save"

save search result.png

12. Edit the description

This is important because we want to remember WHY we chose to save the pin in the first place. Underneath each pin, before you save it, is an area where you add or edit text. Click on the little pencil icon and edit your text. Highlight what it is you like about the pin, how you think it will work for your business. Also note things you don't necessarily like. 

edit search description

13. Choose the board you want to save it to

You can do this by scrolling down, or by typing in the name of your board.

save search result.png

14. Now you can either close that pin by clicking the 'x' in the top right corner, OR you can scroll right by clicking on the ">" on the right of the page, OR you can search related pins which gather underneath the pin you've just been viewing.

Close your search by clicking on the 'x' in the top right corner

Close your search by clicking on the 'x' in the top right corner

Scroll through more options

Scroll through more options

Search related pins

Search related pins

14. Continue searching and saving until you feel you have enough to work with.

This is what my Pinterest board looks like so far. 

my Pinterest board

Invite a Collaborator

You might want to invite someone to collaborate with you on the board.

Your business partner, your graphic designer, web designer, business coach, or your mom. Navigate to near the top right of the screen, and select the '+" sign. Type in the person's email address and click the 'invite' button just next to the email. Click 'Done'. 

invite collaborator to board.png
invite collaborator.png

Evaluate and Tidy Up Your Board

Go and have a look at your board by navigating up to your profile.

Click on your user profile, look for your new secret board and click on the title. At this point you can go in and delete any pins you feel don't match, and you can edit the titles. 

Design a Moodboard in Canva

1. Go to Canva. Login or sign up.

canva login.png

3. Select 'Create a Design'

create a design 1.png

4. Select 'A4'

create A4 design.png

5. Navigate to 'Elements' on the left hand side of your screen

select elements.png

6. Then select 'Grids'

select grids.png

7. Scroll down until you find a grid that looks something like this

You can select any grid you want to, but this is the one I find fairly helpful. 

select grids 2.png

Switch back to Pinterest

1. Create a folder on your computer labelled 'My Business Inspiration'

create new folder.png

2. Go through the images on your board that you feel deserve to make it to the moodboard stage and save them to your folder by right clicking and 'save as'. 

save images from Pinterest.png

Switch back to Canva

1. On the bottom left of your screen, click on 'Uploads'


2. Select 'Upload your own images', select the folder you've just made, and upload approximately 10 images.

upload your own images.png

4. Click and drag the image from the left-hand panel and place it where you want the image to be on the grid. 

drag image from uploads.png

5. You can arrange the image within each grid section by double clikcing on it, and enlarging it or moving it up or down, left or right. 

adjust image in moodboard in canva.png

6. Do this for all your images, arranging them as you think works best. 

7. Give it a title

give design a title.png

8. Click 'Download' and select 'Download as PNG' and 'Download' again

download design as PNG.png

9. Go and have a look in your 'Download' folder and save the file to where you want it to be. 

Share your moodboard on Canva

1. On the top right select 'Share' 

  • Invite people to edit or view your moodboard via email, 
  • Share on social
  • Copy and share your link

If you want to embed it, or share it on your blog, you'll have to make it public by switching from 'Make Public' to 'Public' on the top right hand corner in Canva.

Use my Moodboard

You're welcome to use my moodboard template, which you can access by clicking the button below. 

An Important Note on Copyright

This probably goes without saying, but I'm going to say it anyway. This blog post is all about inspiration, idea gathering and learning. All the images, logos and designs you pin onto your business board still belong to someone else. They belong to the photographer, or the graphic designer, or the web designer who made them. It's okay to use them as inspiration in your private capacity as a point of inspiration for your own designs, but its never okay to claim them as your own, to copy them directly, or to ask anyone else to make a copy of them. If you do, you'll land yourself in hot water sooner or later. 

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