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Kundai Nachito has a fascinating story to tell - one that deals with notions of "self, sickness and society." As a young black HIV+ woman in South Africa, Kundai's dream is to create a platform where she can share her story in the form of prose, poetry and photography, and then invite others to begin to share their stories. She is especially interested in the intersection between sickness and society, sickness and relationships, and sickness and love. 

This blog is a very personal start to something she hopes (and I believe!) will grow into a unique shared storytelling space.

Project Elements

For this project, Kundai was looking for a simple, clean, visually cohesive blog that has room to grow into something much larger as the months and years progress. I put together the following elements for her:

  • Landing page

  • Site style guide

  • Sitemap

  • Site build

  • Social media integration

  • Facebook Page


As part of her preparation for the blog, Kundai had been working with Sinomonde Ngwane (of doodlesandpoetry) to incorporate customised illustration into her blog posts. I won't give away too much, but here are just two examples below. Aren't they lovely? (By the way, it seems Sino also designed the logo for a site I put together for Zanele Mji Media.) 


All photography by Vicky Simpson. Again, loads of red, red, red!

Look and Feel


Template & Customisation

I chose the Haute template, because Kundai wanted a full-bleed gallery with little white space. The colour took care of itself with the photography heavily focused on red, black and white. I wanted to go for an editorial style with the fonts and used LTC Bodoni for the headings and Proxima Nova for the body and navigation. 

The great thing about Squarespace's blog features is that you can grow into your blogging adding more specific tags and categories as your blog progresses. I think this is what we'll do with Kundai's site - it will evolve with her as she moves from being the sole contributor/writer to adding more contributing authors over time. 


The Site


Blog Post Example


A huge congratulations to Kundai on the culmination of all her hard work, writing, editing, planning, and brainstorming! You can view her site below. 

If you want to browse more examples of Squarespace sites I've been working on, have a look at these below. And if getting your website live is something you've had on your to-do list for far too long, why not contact me and let's chat about putting together your dream website!