Late Afternoons at Lucien

The extended Clark family - a few of whom are good friends of mine - all happened to be on holiday on the South Coast, so we met up for an impromptu family shoot down at Lucien. The late afternoon light moves pretty quickly from glaring and bright, to golden, and then gone. So we had limited time. In addition to the race-against-the-light challenge, we also had the toddler-at-grumpy-o'clock thing to deal with. Sam (3 years, and in high spirits) told me that he had seen a whale hiding in the sea. Jacqui and Nadine took it in turns to dance behind me with a luminous fishing net to attract the attention, and hopefully smiles, of the kiddies. Granny V looked as gorgeous as ever, and Papa M was just glad to be at the beach. Then a couple of powered parachute pilots arrived for their evening fly-over and set off the unhappy toddler again. And so it went.


Despite the array of challenges, I think we managed to get some winners, and record some special memories of this beautiful family who are spread far and wide between KZN, the Eastern Cape and the UK. Thank you to the Clarks (x2) and the Holmes for sharing the last afternoon of your holiday together with me.

Here are some other bits of photography I've been busy with lately...