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Now for some 'Creative Coaching'

Debbie has been dreaming of launching a blog for years. She's gathered information, researched blog layouts, started numerous Pinterest boards, brainstormed and bullet journaled. She's done a Wordpress course, bought a really great camera and completed an online photography course. But that taking the next step and actually putting herself out there by launching her dream blog had become her sticking point. She was just struggling to start. 

We met up and chatted about her ideas, hopes and dreams for her blog, and I left completely inspired. This isn't hard to believe since Debbie is such an inspiring woman - well-travelled, creative, outgoing, and full of life! She wanted to share her zest for life in the form of a blog, and just needed a few guidelines to help her get 'unstuck.'

I went away and put together some bits and pieces of homework for her in the form of questions for reflection, journaling prompts and a few articles to read. My hope was that by helping her recover the reasons why she had embarked on this process in the first place, she would come 'unstuck.' 

It didn't take much to get those creative juices flowing again. I was reminded that all the homework, research, thinking, mulling over things, planning and preparation we put into our passion projects never go to waste. In the thinking and the dreaming, the ideas begin to take form and life is breathed into them. Even with a delay or a detour, that life remains. Sometimes all we need is to get out our notes, return to our original ideas, and fan those flames into life again.

Project Elements

  • Creative coaching
  • Client questionnaire
  • Logo
  • Site map
  • Landing page
  • Facebook
  • Site Build
  • Squarespace tutorial


Relaxed, casual, summer styles, good food, beautiful table settings, and travel.

Relaxed, casual, summer styles, good food, beautiful table settings, and travel.

The Logo

A simple font-based logo using a casual script. 


The Site


The Blog

Home page for Laugh Live Love

Home page for Laugh Live Love

What a treat working with such a beautiful soul. I look forward to devouring all of Debbie's blog posts, beautiful imagery, scrumptious recipes and travel shots! 

Claire was wonderful to work with. She took a germ of an idea and patiently nurtured it into something that is a real joy to me. Creating content for my blog is a real pleasure knowing that it is being published on a beautifully designed site.
— Debbie

Go and have a look if you like.


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