Looking Back at 2015

1. Bearista Hits the Interwebs

2015 was a year of many firsts from logo design (thanks Soph), to launching a website (yay Squarespace), pinning down a strategy (sneaky thing that), and reaching out. It's been exciting, fairly daunting, and some times frustrating, but as a good friend of mine wisely says, "Once you start, you start." Well there you have it. 

2. Oh the Books 

As it turns out, I love to write, and with the invaluable help of Gumroad's Small Product Lab, I was able to develop and launch a couple of digital products in 2015: 

3. Can't Stop Instawalking

In 2015, I met the Cape Town gang, said hello to #IgersOverberg, jogged with the #secretrunningsociety, walked Woodstock flat with #Nifty250, snapped our urban landscape for #SA Cities Network, joined @theworldsyoungestman on his epic walks, met the World Wide Instameet crew, tasted wine at here, there and everywhere, dined with the #TajCapeTown, had my first taste of smileys* in Langa with #redbullamaphiko, and snapped a community dog show at the #muizfest2015. All in all, it was a year of Instawalking. 

4. The Rambleiistas Meet South Africa

As if all that Instawalking around Cape Town wasn't enough, we signed up for South Africa's first ever National Instameet, held in Graaff-Reinet. Off we set on an epic road trip in trusty Bay the Camper, a 1972 vintage Volksie kindly loaned to us by Classic Camper Hire, blazing a trail of orange across the country side and taking as many pics of wildflowers as we could along the way. 


5. The Gift of Work

Among some of the great people, organisations, and events I got to work with last year were: the Graduate School of Campus Ministry; Mobile Media Mob; The Taj Cape Town; Red Bull Amaphiko; Sanlam Cape Town Marathon; Richmond House Cottages; Afromontane; The Courtyard Cafe; Audrey Mbuyazi; The Cape Workshop; Boris Henry; and Mission Gateway. I'm deeply grateful for these opportunities.

6. Caravans in the Wild

You may know I already have a thing for flowers and volksies, and 2015 let me develop a thing for caravans - caravans in the wild to be specific. They are a thing of beauty. Here's to more of these in 2016. 


If that was 2015, I can't wait to see what 2016 holds. 

*Smileys: braaied sheeps' head