Nerine Jones - A Squarespace Site


Nerine Jones - Personal Stylist

Nerine Jones’ passion is to help women from diverse cultures discover their personal style. She is a qualified Image Consultant accredited by AICI (Association of Image Consultants International), and founded Styleworx in Doha, Qatar. She contacted me to put together a site for her new business as a personal stylist where she could introduce herself, feature a blog, showcase client testimonials, and advertise a range of services.

Project Elements

  • Site research

  • Site design and build for 10 page site

  • Blog

  • Social media integration

  • Mailchimp integration

  • Social media strategies

  • Custom video tutorials (with Loom)


Style Guide

The style guide is something I always set up first and informs the design of the rest of the site. With the input from the client’s photographer and graphic designer/brand stylist, I gather all the elements and set up a dedicated style guide page hidden within the website. It forms a kind of reference template for me that I can go back to as I work through setting up the various pages required.


Branding + Colour Palette

The branding for Nerine Jones is by JP Brouard of Assembly Studio.



Nerine’s brand images were taken by Vicky McLachlan

The Site


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