PENSU Environmental - Site Build

You don't know how much you don't know until you try to learn about something. Had you ever felt like that? "Environmental Consulting, can't be that complicated?" I said, quietly, to myself inside my brain. Well, it IS complicated. There are terms, and acronyms, and policies and a lot of fairly technical things I had no idea about. Thats why the most challenging thing about this project has been attempting to understand the client's field of work, in order to best understand how visitors to the site might use it. 


This project took a while for me to wrap my head around, to understand the various subcategories of work, and become familiar with the way environmental companies tend to share information. It was only then that I was able to feel confident about ordering and organising the site information, and really get over that hurdle. 

It's easy for me to focus on the visual aspect of things - colours, fonts, image choice, stock photography, photo treatment - all the 'pretty' elements, but its no use having a pretty site that doesn't make sense, or whose information flow is illogical. Having said all that, here are some of the elements I worked on for this client:

Project elements:

  • Logo (not my forte, but I gave it a bash!)
  • Business cards & letterhead
  • Facebook page
  • Landing page
  • Design elements
  • Image sourcing
  • Mail chimp
  • Email
  • Website build


PENSU Environmental moodboard - dark blues and bright greens.

PENSU Environmental moodboard - dark blues and bright greens.

I learned such a lot through this project, not least of all that the world of Environmental Consulting is pretty cool. Ever heard of Green Building? Neither had I. Its where someone helps consult on the best way to build a house or other commercial property that is self-sustaining and does as little damage to the environment as possible. If you're interested in it, you should check out PENSU's site and read more about it. 

The Site

The site itself is clean, fairly minimal with highlights of inky blue and bright green. Most of the imagery is black and white with a blue filter giving it a cool, professional look. I used an indexed home page, drop-down menu for the services, and incorporated a blog-like feature to showcase PENSU's key projects. I love how Squarespace's blog function lets you group info through use of tags and pull summaries out into sections where it fits best. Its a great feature for things like past/current projects to show visitors your experience and build a sense of credibility.

PENSU Website Graphic

Go and have a look if you like at

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