RiverLife Church - A Squarespace Site


A Clean, Minimal Site that Appeal to All Ages

RiverLife Church on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal was ready to launch their first ever website, and wanted a site that would appeal to a cross-section of the congregation from teens, to young families, to more established members of the community. They wanted a welcoming, personal and easy to navigate site.

Project Elements

  • Client questionnaire
  • Site research
  • Photography
  • Site design and build
  • Events page
  • Social media integration
  • Soundcloud integration


I visited the Friday evening youth meeting, and Sunday morning service to take photos of the venue, service, children's church, facilities and Turning Point Youth. Here's a selection of some of the pics.


Initially I had suggested we go with some really bold, two-tone images for the site that would appeal to a younger audience. On looking through the images, and spending a bit of time with them while taking the photos, it somehow seemed more authentic and appropriate to go with dark blues, greys, a smattering of dark red and some black and white images. These were themes that came up in the design of the building itself, the interiors and decor, as well as some photos that had been collected over the last year or two. 


Template & Customisation

I used the Rally template, which I have come to appreciate more and more for its versatility. I set up a style guide with new font combinations, added some custom page backgrounds to make some of the more minimal text-based pages stand out. I also selected a range of flat designed icons which I sourced from www.flaticon.com. Because the emphasis on the site was 'less is more', I tried my best to resist adding more and more features (which can be a challenge at the best of times). 

The Site


All in all, I'm really happy with a crisp and unfussy final product which has the capacity to grow and expand with the team. 

If you want to browse more examples of Squarespace sites I've been working on, have a look at these below. And if getting your website live is something you've had on your to-do list for far too long, why not contact me and let's chat about putting together your dream website!