Shooting Beautiful Spaces - a Foray into Photographing Interiors


"Will you write a blog about this?" he asked me. 

My response. "I don't know. I mean, what will I say? That I arrived in the blazing heat of a Midlands summer day, and while I was waiting for the client to arrive I opened a bottle of water to have a sip and it exploded? That by the time I had to get out the car that I looked like I had waited too long before I found a bathroom?"

"Well, I suppose you could say that." 

My first attempt at photographing interiors came as result of a phone call from my brother, Andrew (aka Guy With Camera). He's started this new side thing (check it out!) and was looking for someone to head up to the Midlands with a camera in hand to get some shots of a property there. I said I'd do it. Okay, I reluctantly and nervously said I'd do it.

What followed was a series of instructions (him) and some furious note-taking (me). Reference images, floor plans, tripod settings, F11, establishing shots, architectural models, left pan, fill. These were just a few of the terms thrown about. The shoot day was delayed (builders), delayed again (builders not done yet), and yet again (not the builders this time), and finally, I got there on possibly the hottest day of 2017 and spent a morning squashed up against various sliding doors, bathrooms doors, and exterior walls in an attempt to get in as much of the room in as possible.

I kept telling myself, at least this isn't wedding photography. If you miss that critical moment when the minister says 'You may now kiss the bride' you can't exactly halt the proceedings and ask them to rewind, can you? A house is more forgiving. You just shift your tripod over a millimetre to line up with the central roof truss and try again.   

"Shoot at eye-level." Andrew's voice was ringing in my head. Or was he on the phone now? "You can go a little brighter." "Sunny 16 is fine for the exteriors." 

I took way too many shots, spent too long looking at their book collection, and then got out of there. It was nice to be back in Hilton after so many years and I hope to go back soon, on a cooler day. This time, I won't risk taking any water along! 

P.S. Thanks Andrew for your brilliant tutoring! Here are my notes to prove I really was listening. :)