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Conferencing & Retreat Centre - A Site Revamp

Skogheim Conferencing & Retreat centre were looking to refresh the look of their site which was a little outdated. Having been up and running on the KZN South Coast for over 50 years, Skogheim has had thousands of guests through their doors and have relied on word of mouth, returning visitors and monthly newsletters as their main source of marketing. They felt it was time for a new look and feel for their site, as well as something that could facilitate some of their booking and enquiry processes. I migrated them from a Joomla site onto Squarespace keeping their existing domain name for continuity.


A Long List

In addition to a brand new site, Skogheim needed the following:

  • A Facebook page refresh with new banners, logos, designed social posts and short term social media management,
  • Mailchimp set up, designed banners and integration of existing client database as well as tutorials for two staff members,
  • Print design,
  • Location-based and web-based payment portal (Zapper),
  • Update of GIvenGain page with integration features on new site, 
  • Photography - both original images and sourcing suitable stock photos,
  • A blog (which they decided not to go with in the end).
Some of the photography and design elements from their site and social media refresh.

Some of the photography and design elements from their site and social media refresh.

There may be a few more items on that list but lets just leave it there for now. It was a big job, and started with reordering their site information into a more streamlined system, getting rid of the text heavy pages and introducing carousel image galleries. A significant portion of their original site content copy stayed the same which made gathering content a little easier. 


Some Feedback

Skogheim management was really happy with the outcome and sent me encouraging feedback from guests and visitors about the new look. They immediately saw an increase in the amount of enquiries directly off the site which bodes well for their move to an online booking integration.

I love the way it works and how you were able to incorporate everything we needed in the design. Thank you for updating our look. You understood and sorted through all our ‘ideas’ to create just what we wanted; a blend of simplicity and warmth.
— Ingrid Kjonstand, Manager

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