Steam Train to the Valley of Aloes

Every year through the winter months, Creighton's old steam engine takes its picnicking passengers out into the heart of aloe country alongside the Ngogwaan river. Stocked with coffee, snacks and all manner of cameras, the Huttons, some friends and I headed out last weekend on a slow journey into the spectacular valley of a thousand aloes. Being amongst that volume of vivid, flowering aloes growing on either side of the river was really something. If you're interested in attending next year's Aloe Festival, make sure you book one of the more comfortable cabins, wear your toughest walking shoes, and definitely take your camera/s along. There are some really special photo opportunities as the steam train winds its way through the countryside past herds of grazing cattle, rumbling tractors, and deep into the valley. Of course, if you can get some close up shots of the impressive engine room with all its vintage valves and steam, even better. (I was so distracted by the aloes that I forgot!) 


The Aloe Festival happens every year in the small town of Creighton, and I believe they've introduced Hot Air Ballooning as well! There is also a single track trail run you can enter, as well as  a mountain biking event. Have a look here, here or over here for more info.

Thank you so much to Dale & Roxy for the invitation to join them on this adventure in their very own (beautiful!) 'backyard'.

After five years of taking photos on my trusty iPhone, I picked up my first DSLR about six months ago, and am loving it! I have a very entry level Canon (1300 EOS), with a couple of kit lenses, a 50mm I picked up second hand, and a borrowed wide-angle lens (10-20mm) which I was playing with in this series of pics. 


What are your favourite South African experiences in yourown 'backyard' ?

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