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From the heart of the Karoo Midlands

Last year around this time, a friend and I took a road trip and ended up passing through the Karoo Midlands. We stayed over with the family of some close friends on their farm outside of Graaff-Reinet. The Karoo is just beautiful. Rob & Fee have been farming in the area for years and made the transition from concentrating purely on sheep farming to game breeding, and Rob now mentors other farmers who want to make a similar transition.

They took us around the farm, we spotted sable at a distance, were introduced to their newest arrival - a baby giraffe - and even got to feed the buffalo. It was wonderful. Rob mentioned that with a big game auction coming up it might be the time to have his own website built. We chatted a bit, he had a look at my site to get some ideas and we got to work. 

Here are some of my own pics of the farm that I posted to Instagram around the time of my visit. 

Bedford Theme

Despite the fact that 'Bedford' is also a town in the Eastern Cape, it is not the reason I chose this template to begin working on this site. As an avid hobbyist photographer, Rob had already gathered a whole lot of photographs which I felt would work well on this template. The aim was to showcase the pedigree of animals he is breeding, and Bedford was up to the task with its full-bleed banners and customisable design elements.

Project Elements

  • Client interview
  • Sitemap
  • Landing page
  • Image editing
  • Website design & build
  • Blog design
  • Domain mapping
  • Facebook management 
  • YouTube integration
  • MailChimp setup & tutorial
  • Professional email setup
  • Squarespace tutorial

Colour Scheme

One of the fun parts about working on this site was the fact that I had actually been able to see and experience the farm. I pulled out some of the photos I’d taken on my iPhone while there and developed a few colour schemes around: an old tractor engine, a warm sunset over the farm, and a reflection of a windmill in a reservoir. I put the options up on my Facebook page and the sunset option definitely got the most votes, so I went with that.

The Site

Swartrivier Wildlife's home page. 

Swartrivier Wildlife's home page. 

It really was a treat working with Rob on this site. What a privilege to be able to see into someone's business and passion and to play a small part in their journey. Although Rob has been farming for many years, his openness to new ideas, his innovation and creativity really inspired me. Take a look at his blog, and you'll see what I'm talking about. :)


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