Creative Recovery with Eloise Bound

Eloise Bound is an interior architect and artist who I met through Instagram. I reached out to her to chat more about her 100-day creative project titled #100daysofpenandbrush. As well as chatting about her creative processes, we also tackled some pretty intense topics like the connection between creativity and health, creativity and personality, and creativity as a tool for recovery. 

The Ebb & Flow of Creativity with Heidi Shedlock

Heidi Shedlock is an artist, teacher and mum of two. Over and above her usual creative work, about two years ago Heidi started a daily practice of painting a small postcard sized work and kept going for 568 consecutive days! I spoke to her about how she began her “Paintings in the Post” project, community and accountability, and the ebb and flow of the creative life.

Following Your Nose With Elizabeth Sparg

I'm chatting to writers, painters, poets, illustrators, musicians (and more) about their experience of taking part in a creative challenge. Last week I spoke to Amy about her 365 etching project (you can read her interview over here), and this week I had a wonderful interview with Durban based creative, Liz Sparg, about creative community, newness, illustration and following your nose.