Burned Botanicals

We should really have discovered the Ramsgate Ramble years ago, but the sad truth is that we didn't. And I have no idea how that didn't happen. Any outing where my sister is involved must necessarily include flowers, hiking, photography, and silliness - not necessarily in that order.

A Riot of Yellow

Cassias are flowering everywhere, and in the late afternoon light they begin to glow a little. I've been meaning to take some photos of them to try and capture their floral character, and I finally did so yesterday afternoon. It does look a bit strange to the average passer by when you have your nose stuck in a shrub, snapping away at pods and blossoms. Sometimes there's a concerned look and a quick acceleration as they drive past, and sometimes there's a benevolent wave. 

The Rambleiistas' Ultimate Roadtripping Guide

Having undertaken some practical research earlier in the year, by taking a 1.2 litre Hyundai over the Cedarberg without a map ("I'm sure it's not that far to the other side, hey?") and setting up our oversized tent and underinflated camping mattresses at Theewaters, Bronwen and I were ready to tackle anything, even braai-ing without a braai grid...