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Instagram: The Nuts & Bolts

When I heard Gumroad was hosting another Small Product Lab, I jumped at the opportunity to get involved. Everyone who signs up is working towards one goal, and one goal only - getting a product out there. It could be anything from a piece of jewellery, a painting, a music single, a podcast to an online course, a webinar or an ebook... 

The Muizenberg Festival

As part of the World Design Capital 2014, the crowd-funded Muizenberg Festival was held from the 5-12 October 2014. In the spirit of community involvement, I volunteered to guest post for the @MuizenbergFestival Instagram account...

Tales of A Suggested User

The thing I really have enjoyed about Instagram so far is the authenticity of the interaction between complete strangers. I've heard others say it and I've experienced it personally: people you follow can genuinely become friends. I love those real life moments when you meet a fellow iger face to face with, "Oh you're @thepersonfrominstagram!"