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Creative business

Ceramique - A Concept Squarespace Site

I wanted to put together a one-page Squarespace site based on a couple of ideas I've been toying with lately so I came up with this "concept" site idea and called it 'Ceramique'. I was picturing a site for the kind of business that values the creative impulse, is drawn to natural textures and embodies things like sustainable, slow-living practices. 

A Journey into Creativity

I got it into my head to chat to artists and makers about their experience of taking part in an ongoing creative challenge - like a 30-day, 100-day or even 365-day thing. In addition to hearing about people's creative journeys, what their goals are, and what prompts them to start, I was really interested in the mental and emotional processes that go into this sort of challenge

Five Instagram Tips From @Craftsposure

Ria from @Craftsposure started her Instagram account in 2014 with this question in mind: "How do I help makers and crafters get more exposure on Instagram." Today she has over 260 thousand Instagram followers. I thought it might be worth listening to her webinar titled 'How I grew my Instagram to 250k followers.' 

Here are five things I took away from what she shared. 

13 Reasons Your Business Should be on Instagram

13 Reasons Your Business Should be on Instagram

Four hundred million numbers, to be more specific. Over half of the 400 million active users on Instagram check their accounts daily. With that many potential customers out there, isn't it time you put yourself out there?