True creativity looks a lot like hard work

If there's anything I’m coming to terms with at the moment it's that my idea of creativity and the substance of creativity are really quite different. The difference is in the work. All. That. Work.

Make it well, then let it go

I’ve been there. And so have you. For so long it has been a little secret that only you, and perhaps a few trusted friends, have known about. You’ve worked with it, fed it, coddled it, picked it apart, stayed up nights dreaming about it, whispered in hushed tones in coffee shops about it, worried others would steal your idea. You dreamed big dreams for it.

Creative Recovery with Eloise Bound

Eloise Bound is an interior architect and artist who I met through Instagram. I reached out to her to chat more about her 100-day creative project titled #100daysofpenandbrush. As well as chatting about her creative processes, we also tackled some pretty intense topics like the connection between creativity and health, creativity and personality, and creativity as a tool for recovery. 

Following Your Nose With Elizabeth Sparg

I'm chatting to writers, painters, poets, illustrators, musicians (and more) about their experience of taking part in a creative challenge. Last week I spoke to Amy about her 365 etching project (you can read her interview over here), and this week I had a wonderful interview with Durban based creative, Liz Sparg, about creative community, newness, illustration and following your nose.

A Journey into Creativity

I got it into my head to chat to artists and makers about their experience of taking part in an ongoing creative challenge - like a 30-day, 100-day or even 365-day thing. In addition to hearing about people's creative journeys, what their goals are, and what prompts them to start, I was really interested in the mental and emotional processes that go into this sort of challenge

Five Instagram Tips From @Craftsposure

Ria from @Craftsposure started her Instagram account in 2014 with this question in mind: "How do I help makers and crafters get more exposure on Instagram." Today she has over 260 thousand Instagram followers. I thought it might be worth listening to her webinar titled 'How I grew my Instagram to 250k followers.' 

Here are five things I took away from what she shared. 

Mobile Storytelling with Steller 

I love Instagram, don't get me wrong, but every social media platform has its own set of benefits and constraints. Instagram has become a space to share my personal view on life, as well as a way to grow my online business. I love the niche communities that spring up around specific interests and hobbies, and I love how creatively challenging it can be. But sometimes it doesn't lend itself to a series of consecutive images or story - something more than just that one post. 

Block Printing Workshop

Block Printing Workshop

When I heard about the block printing workshop being hosted by local textile lady, Cynthia Edwards, of Lichen and Leaf, I was VERY excited. I have had a thing for textiles since forever and have really been wanting to learn some print techniques. To be able to set aside a day to learn from someone who has been working on their craft for years, and who can demonstrate what to do, and guide you along the way is so much better than tearing your hair out at home while watching a gazillion youtube tutorials (as character building as that may be).

Instagram: The Nuts & Bolts

When I heard Gumroad was hosting another Small Product Lab, I jumped at the opportunity to get involved. Everyone who signs up is working towards one goal, and one goal only - getting a product out there. It could be anything from a piece of jewellery, a painting, a music single, a podcast to an online course, a webinar or an ebook... 

31 Days to Create - What Happened Next?

In August, on a bit of a whim and a sniff of inspiration, I decided to run a month long course consisting of daily creative activations for stuck creatives. I put the word out there, and people seemed keen so I jumped right in and designed a daily creative exercise to send out for the month. It grew into something really special, and I ended up not just cheerleading from the sidelines, but really going through my own process of pushing to a new level of concentrated creativity.