Surejoy Industries - Site Build

Recently I've been working with a wonderfully talented graphic designer who is based in the KZN midlands. It is such a pleasure to work with other design-minded folk who speak the same language and value a similar aesthetic. The site requirements were fairly straightforward - a clean, one-page site, with high quality graphics to serve as an online home and digital introduction for a family owned industrial sawmill. 

PENSU Environmental - Site Build

The thing about working within a field you are unfamiliar with is that you don't know how much you don't know until you learn a bit more. Do you know what I mean? "Environmental Consulting, can't be that complicated?" I said, quietly, to myself inside my brain. Well, it is complicated. There are terms, and acronyms, and policies and a lot of fairly technical things I had no idea about. Thats why the most challenging thing about this project has been attempting to understand the field of work of the client, in order to best understand the potential visitors to the site and how they will most likely use it.