Seven Ways to Prepare for Your Squarespace Website Build

The process of preparing for your website, as in many other areas of life, is severely underrated. Preparation can make or break your experience of building a website. It can mean the difference between a smooth process and a headache-inducing one, between timeously met deadlines and (very) late nights, between an excellent, well-tested end product and a rush job. Many people don't prepare for their website build, either because they don't know that they can prepare (believe it or not!), or because they don't know how to prepare effectively. Here are six ways that you can prepare for your Squarespace website build. 

How to Remain Consistent Online

In the last month or two I've revamped my website and logo (you can read more about that here). I also needed to tidy up my online presence and make sure that I was communicating a consistent message across my various social media channels. I thought it might be helpful to list all the spaces I tidied up in case you ever go through a process like this. And of course there's a check list you can download if you're the type that likes homework.