Family Photo Shoot

Late Afternoons at Lucien

The extended Clark family - a few of whom are good friends of mine - all happened to be on holiday on the South Coast, so we met up for an impromptu family shoot down at Lucien. The late afternoon light moves pretty quickly from glaring and bright, to golden, and then gone. So we had limited time. In addition to the race-against-the-light challenge, we also had the toddler-at-grumpy-o'clock thing to deal with. Sam (3 years, and in high spirits) told me that he had seen a whale hiding in the sea.

Pringle Family Beach Shoot

The plan was to pack a picnic basket, a skottel, a flask of coffee and head down to the beach in time to catch the sunrise with the Pringle family. In my enthusiasm/nervousness not to miss the sunrise we ended up arriving in near darkness! So there was a bit of a wait before we got going with the pics. But it was definitely worth it in the end. What a spectacular morning it turned out to be, with the colour palette changing slowly from deep blues and greys, to soft pinks and oranges, with a dramatic gold light lining the clouds.