A Riot of Yellow

Cassias are flowering everywhere, and in the late afternoon light they begin to glow a little. I've been meaning to take some photos of them to try and capture their floral character, and I finally did so yesterday afternoon. It does look a bit strange to the average passer by when you have your nose stuck in a shrub, snapping away at pods and blossoms. Sometimes there's a concerned look and a quick acceleration as they drive past, and sometimes there's a benevolent wave. 

Golden Hour & Good Friends

My good friend Sizwe came to visit over the Easter Weekend. I had asked her if she would help me with a photo shoot - all in the name of me getting some decent practice taking photos of real live people (and not just solo-parked cars and flowers). The weekend went by and I completely forgot about the photo idea until Monday afternoon when the light suddenly turned golden. "Come on Siz, lets do this photo thing." She was ready for a long drive back home, in comfy clothes, hair pulled back, and zero make up. Hardly the right kind of preparation but she's gorgeous so it doesn't really matter. 

The Rambleiistas' Ultimate Roadtripping Guide

Having undertaken some practical research earlier in the year, by taking a 1.2 litre Hyundai over the Cedarberg without a map ("I'm sure it's not that far to the other side, hey?") and setting up our oversized tent and underinflated camping mattresses at Theewaters, Bronwen and I were ready to tackle anything, even braai-ing without a braai grid...