Blur on Purpose with Kath Strijdom

"One day I accidentally took an out-of-focus shot of some city lights and thought, well, that looks pretty cool. Now I'm slightly obsessed."

The Peppertales

Slicing straight through a pepper while preparing a meal on the farm one evening, Ella was surprised to see a somewhat petrified face looking back at her. She carved out a pair of beady eyes, balanced the pepper on the windowsill, and thought she could just hear him say, "Green Pepper is HORRIFIED you want to eat him. Horrified and appalled." 

I Love Grahamstown

Four local Grahamstown igers, in collaboration with @Igersgrahamstown got together to run a community based iphoneography exhibition over the National Arts Festival. Robyn Oosthuysen,  Design Ardour company owner; Judith Belle, wedding and lifestyle photographer; Leolita Maroun, owner of Homeground Coffee Roasters; and Claire Brear, manager of the @igersgrahamstown community worked together to brainstorm the concept, come up with a strategy, develop a theme, set time frames and a budget for the project.