12 Ways to Make Your Instagram More 'Shoppable'

You've spent enormous amounts of time and money, not to mention a few tears, on making a beautiful product that you're proud of. Now let your Instagram feed do it justice... 

9 Ways to Curate Your Instagram Feed

Imagine your Instagram feed is an ongoing art exhibition, where you are responsible for choosing the best content to provide your visitors with an enjoyable experience. That is, in essence, what it means to 'curate' your feed.

How to Take Original Photos for Your Blog Graphics

Have you ever wondered how people get those beautiful bold blog graphics, the ones with text overlay, that are themed and all fit nicely together? Well, if you haven't, I certainly have so I thought I'd do a bit of investigating. I also wanted to see if I could come up with my own DIY-ed images, and then share my process with you.

Creative Recovery with Eloise Bound

Eloise Bound is an interior architect and artist who I met through Instagram. I reached out to her to chat more about her 100-day creative project titled #100daysofpenandbrush. As well as chatting about her creative processes, we also tackled some pretty intense topics like the connection between creativity and health, creativity and personality, and creativity as a tool for recovery. 

Chasing Volksies

Years ago I started taking photos of vintage Volkswagens, or as we like to call them here in South Africa, Volksies. It became a bit of an obsession, and I'd try to catch them as they passed by, shoot them out the window, stop and pull over to capture on every time I saw one, in every town I saw one. I gave them a hashtag - #chasingvolksies - and a few people have joined in over the years. 

10 Beginner Tips: Instagram for Business

Would you like to leverage Instagram for your business, but you're struggling to know how to go about it? Here are ten absolute basic beginner steps for getting going with Instagram for business that will make sure you're maximising the features Instagram offers. 

Nine Ways With Flatlay

If you haven't heard the term 'flatlay photography', don't worry, you'll probably recognise it when you see it. It's a style of photography where the picture is taken from a bird's eye view of a small curated scene: your breakfast, outfit of the day, your workspace, a current creative project, or something that just came out of the oven. Regardless of how effortless these images may appear, there's quite a lot of work that goes into getting just the right shot, arranging and rearranging items on a table until they have that 'totally natural' look about them. Ironic, isn't it. 

Mobile Storytelling with Steller 

I love Instagram, don't get me wrong, but every social media platform has its own set of benefits and constraints. Instagram has become a space to share my personal view on life, as well as a way to grow my online business. I love the niche communities that spring up around specific interests and hobbies, and I love how creatively challenging it can be. But sometimes it doesn't lend itself to a series of consecutive images or story - something more than just that one post. 

Essential Guide to Instagram Ads - A Review

Although I've been doing a lot of thinking about how creative businesses can best use Instagram to increase their reach in an organic way, I have only recently started thinking about paid Instagram advertising, and how it works. When I spotted Hubspot and Iconosquare's free ebook - The Essential Guide to Instagram Advertising I thought it might prove to be a helpful read. And so it was. In fact, if you're thinking about implementing paid Instagram advertising, then I highly recommend you download it and read it through thoroughly for yourself.* 

13 Reasons Your Business Should be on Instagram

13 Reasons Your Business Should be on Instagram

Four hundred million numbers, to be more specific. Over half of the 400 million active users on Instagram check their accounts daily. With that many potential customers out there, isn't it time you put yourself out there? 

Blur on Purpose with Kath Strijdom

"One day I accidentally took an out-of-focus shot of some city lights and thought, well, that looks pretty cool. Now I'm slightly obsessed."

Five Photowalks in Kalk Bay

This is truly one of my favourite areas to explore, and there is so much to photograph, from mountain views, to rockpools, to nicknacks in antique and thrift stores... 

How to Speak Instagram

The Instagram community has its very own vocabulary which can be kind of confusing and oftentimes downright weird. Here are some definitions of words that pop up in the Instagram world, taken my eBook - Instagram: the Nuts & Bolts...

Five Photowalks in Muizenberg

I'm putting together a series on quick photowalks in some of my favourite places in and around Cape Town. First up - Muizenberg. I could also have called this post 'Photo walks in Muizenberg that don't include the beach huts!' 

Instagram: The Nuts & Bolts

When I heard Gumroad was hosting another Small Product Lab, I jumped at the opportunity to get involved. Everyone who signs up is working towards one goal, and one goal only - getting a product out there. It could be anything from a piece of jewellery, a painting, a music single, a podcast to an online course, a webinar or an ebook... 

The Rambleiistas' Ultimate Roadtripping Guide

Having undertaken some practical research earlier in the year, by taking a 1.2 litre Hyundai over the Cedarberg without a map ("I'm sure it's not that far to the other side, hey?") and setting up our oversized tent and underinflated camping mattresses at Theewaters, Bronwen and I were ready to tackle anything, even braai-ing without a braai grid... 

The Joy of Cake

Raspberries piled on stacks of pancakes, drizzled with golden syrup, sticky baked chocolate cake, whole juicy pears baked in a cake. Wida Foster, of Cupcake Richard, is all about cake. Not just any cake, mind you. Vegan cake. Because, in her own words, "We want vegans to have nice cake. And we want nice cake for everybody." 

Sneaky Portraits on a Train

It was probably our shared love of the metro that drew me to Lesley Lilley and her candid portrait project, #theeverydaycommute. Commuting on the southern line for almost twenty years between Fishhoek and the Foreshore in Cape Town, it was only after she joined Instagram in 2012 that Lesley began to see the opportunities her daily route provided for her mobile photography.

The Peppertales

Slicing straight through a pepper while preparing a meal on the farm one evening, Ella was surprised to see a somewhat petrified face looking back at her. She carved out a pair of beady eyes, balanced the pepper on the windowsill, and thought she could just hear him say, "Green Pepper is HORRIFIED you want to eat him. Horrified and appalled." 

The Muizenberg Festival

As part of the World Design Capital 2014, the crowd-funded Muizenberg Festival was held from the 5-12 October 2014. In the spirit of community involvement, I volunteered to guest post for the @MuizenbergFestival Instagram account...