Harry Gwala Agri - A Squarespace Site

Harry Gwala Agri is made up of a dynamic group of farmers with a compelling vision for their communities - to set up mentoring relationships, educational opportunities and business connections between experienced and emerging farmers. They're a new organisation based in KwaZulu-Natal and wanted a website and a few design items to launch with a bang, and share their news and progress with interested parties and potential funders. I partnered with graphic designer Bianca Bouverie to produce an informational brochure and Squarespace website to help get the word out there about their project. 


1 | Moodboard

Farming tones are obviously usually all greens and browns, and we wanted to keep within that tradition. We were looking for earthy tones, and farm-related imagery within a uniquely South African context. We also wanted to emphasise the critically important role black farmers will play in this project, and as such needed the imagery to carry this across. One of my frustrations with the average stock photography site is that diversity in skin colour, culture and difference is hard to come by. And when you do find it, it is often reinforces stereotypes we're desperate to get away from in South Africa, and indeed Africa.  



2 | Style Guide

I paird Montserrat with Adobe Garamond pro for the fonts and brought in the shades of green, stone and black for the colour palette. 



3 | Colour Palette

Harry Gwala Agri Colour Palette.jpg


4 | Project Elements

  • Website questionnaire
  • Site map
  • Site Design
  • Sourcing of stock photography
  • Style guide
  • Copy editing
  • Brochure design


5 | The Site

Facebook Post - Website Presentation-4.png


Thanks so much to the team at Harry Gwala for trusting me to put their site together. I really look forward to reading about their new projects and seeing how they continue to impact their communities with an incredible dream for this country. 

If you'd like to see more of my Squarespace work, here are a few sites I've been working on in the last while. 

Slow Shutter Sunrise


The last time my sister came to South Africa, we headed down to the beach early one morning to try our hand at some slow shutter photography. I certainly had never tried it before, so we walked this way and that, fiddled with settings and tripod arrangements, met a woolley-necked stork, and waited for the sun to come up.

My favourite shots from this expedition were probably capturing the blurred motion of the waves. There's a magical quality about the result. Here are a few pics from our slow shutter sunrise. 

Here are some more posts relating to my photography journey!

Steam Train to the Valley of Aloes

Every year through the winter months, Creighton's old steam engine takes its picnicking passengers out into the heart of aloe country alongside the Ngogwaan river. Stocked with coffee, snacks and all manner of cameras, the Huttons, some friends and I headed out last weekend on a slow journey into the spectacular valley of a thousand aloes. Being amongst that volume of vivid, flowering aloes growing on either side of the river was really something.

Conferencing & Retreat Centre - A Site Revamp

Skogheim Conferencing & Retreat centre were looking to refresh the look of their site which was decidedly outdated. Having been up and running on the KZN South Coast for over 50 years, Skogheim has had thousands of guests through their doors and have relied on word of mouth, returning visitors and newsletters as their main source of marketing. They felt it was time for a new look and feel for their site. I migrated them from a Joomla site onto Squarespace keeping their existing domain name for continuity.