Shooting Beautiful Spaces - a Foray into Photographing Interiors

My first attempt at photographing interiors came as result of a phone call from my brother, Andrew (aka Guy With Camera). He's started this new side thing (check it out!) and was looking for someone to head up to the Midlands with a camera in hand to get some shots of a property there. I said I'd do it. Okay, I reluctantly and nervously said I'd do it.

Horsing Around in the Midlands

I recently visited the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands to attend a mini conference and booked to stay on a farm in the Fort Nottingham area. Since I only had the early mornings to myself, I was torn between sleeping in (and staying warm), or getting up early to explore the farm. The next morning my characteristic fomo kicked in and I got up in the dark, put on as many layers as possible, grabbed my camera and tackies, and headed out. Below the farmhouse was a small dam, and I thought that might be a good spot to capture the morning light over the water. Half-way across the field, I realised I would have to hike a good few kilometres to the other side of the valley in order to get that sort of shot, so I changed course and walked in the direction of the rising sun. At this stage, there was just a faint glimmer over the hill.