Bearista - Website & Blog

My site has gone through a few rounds of revision, but recently, inspired by Melyssa Griffin's Pinterest course, I realised it might be a good idea to make my blog titles more 'Pin-worthy'. One thing led to another and having started with redesigning my blog images, next thing I knew I was moving things around, and sprucing aspects of my site up. It definitely turned into a website spring-clean - and you can read more about the details of that over here

Laugh, Live, Love: A Squarespace Blog

Debbie has been dreaming of launching a blog for years. She's gathered information, researched blog layouts, started numerous Pinterest boards, brainstormed and bullet journaled. She's done a Wordpress course, bought a really great camera and completed an online photography course. But that taking the next step and actually putting herself out there by launching her dream blog had become her sticking point. She was just struggling to start. 

Swartrivier Wildlife - A Squarespace Site

Last year around this time, a friend and I took a road trip and ended up passing through the Karoo Midlands. We stayed over with the family of some close friends on their farm outside of Graaff-Reinet. The Karoo is just beautiful. Rob & Fee have been farming in the area for years and made the transition from concentrating purely on sheep farming to game breeding, and Rob now mentors other farmers who want to make a similar transition.

Envisage Now - Site Build

Bernhard and Colleen contacted me after they saw a site I had worked on with The Millers - a couple who’ve taken off with their tandem on a fund-raising adventure across Europe. Bernhard and Colleen have been rethinking their model of work and wanted a website that showcased more of who they are, and what they offer. Often this is the most challenging part of the process - defining who you are, what your services entail, who your target audience is, and how you want that all presented online. There’s a lot of thinking, writing, ideating, rethinking, editing and collaboration involved in the process. 

Tim Pikor - Squarespace Site Build

A Masculine, fuss-free site

Dr Tim Pikor contacted me via the contact form on my site, requesting a quote for a masculine, fuss-free site for his orthopaedic surgery based in Parktown, Johannesburg. He sent through his logo and existing design elements, as well as some ideas about what he was looking for in a site, and I got straight into the research.

Interiors Etc - A Squarespace Site Build

Michelle Murray of Interiors Etc was one of my earliest clients, who needed a website to showcase her range of interior decor related skills from project management to decor styling, to interior design. Working with a creative client like Michelle was a dream. I realised in the process that there are some definite similarities between interior design and building a website. Both need a plan, a creative vision, a specific look and feel, and the kind of team work where decisions are made promptly and things get done. 

The Millers

John and Rona are probably the most adventurous couple I know. They've cycled around South Africa to raise funds for Hope, they've followed the length of the Danube in summer, and last year they completed a tandem cycle trip from Canada to Mexico. This year, on John's retirement, they decided to head north again with their tent, their tandem and Thembi Teddy for the next chapter of their amazing race.