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Every Nation Glasgow - A Squarespace Site

Euan and Romona McCrindle have been living in Berlin for the last ten years, and have been dreaming about making the move to Glasgow, Scotland, to start a church within the Every Nation family of churches. There are so many things on their to-do list what with moving country, settling kids into new schools, and starting the work they feel called to.

Cornerstone Learning Centre - A Squarespace Site

Sheryl Mulder, a school teacher based on the KZN South Coast had a dream to start a small school to support children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), as well as learners who experience developmental delays that make it difficult for them to learn in mainstream classrooms.

Harmonics - A Squarespace Site

Harmonics has been around a while - a collaborative of musicians, percussionists and teachers who host workshops, take people on musical journeys, and help others experience the magic and mystery of music. Paul Boyter, who leads the team, has gathered around him dancers, drummers, singers and other musicians from all over South Africa and aims to blend music and mindfulness into an authentic musical experience.

Five Loaves Two Fish - A Squarespace Site

Fiona Hobson, a retired high school teacher and farmer's wife, realised that many of the people employed on their Karoo farm were unable to read. She started teaching basic literacy in English and Afrikaans on the farm, and later reached out to the local school in Klipplaat, their nearest town, to see how else she could help. This initial action has become a charity called 'Five Loaves Two Fish.' Fiona, along with her husband Rob (who incidentally was among my first Squarespace clients), asked if I'd put together a site showcasing the work Five Loaves Two Fish are doing among their community as a place to start raising awareness and funds for ongoing reading programs.

It's Time

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Angus Buchan put out a public call for South Africa to gather and pray and thousands upon thousands (people say over a million people) showed up. I took with a bunch of people I didn't know to attend the mass prayer meeting in Bloemfontein last year. It was quite an experience. I took a bunch of photos along the way.

Here are some more photography-related posts...

Moody Botanicals - A Photo Walk

I discovered Annie Spratt's work a while ago through Unsplash, one of my favourite free stock photography sites, and was taken with her story and her beautiful travel photography. Just recently I was reminded of her work once again and found myself mesmerised by a set of moody floral shots. She called it her 'brooding blossoms' phase. The combination of the dark background with the flower in close-up focus in the foreground makes a striking and whimsical image. And I love how the flowers don't look at all staged or styled. I can't be sure of this, but I suspect she took these in the wild.

Shooting Beautiful Spaces - a Foray into Photographing Interiors

My first attempt at photographing interiors came as result of a phone call from my brother, Andrew (aka Guy With Camera). He's started this new side thing (check it out!) and was looking for someone to head up to the Midlands with a camera in hand to get some shots of a property there. I said I'd do it. Okay, I reluctantly and nervously said I'd do it.

The Ebb & Flow of Creativity with Heidi Shedlock

Heidi Shedlock is an artist, teacher and mum of two. Over and above her usual creative work, about two years ago Heidi started a daily practice of painting a small postcard sized work and kept going for 568 consecutive days! I spoke to her about how she began her “Paintings in the Post” project, community and accountability, and the ebb and flow of the creative life.

Flexing Your Creative Muscles with Fathima Kathrada

I chatted to Durban-based illustrator, hand-lettererer and graphic designer Fathima Kathrada about the way she's strategically used 30 day challenges to stretch her creative capacity, to hone her craft and to overcome things some of things we all struggle with, like procrastination. 

Following Your Nose With Elizabeth Sparg

I'm chatting to writers, painters, poets, illustrators, musicians (and more) about their experience of taking part in a creative challenge. Last week I spoke to Amy about her 365 etching project (you can read her interview over here), and this week I had a wonderful interview with Durban based creative, Liz Sparg, about creative community, newness, illustration and following your nose.

Chasing Volksies

Years ago I started taking photos of vintage Volkswagens, or as we like to call them here in South Africa, Volksies. It became a bit of an obsession, and I'd try to catch them as they passed by, shoot them out the window, stop and pull over to capture on every time I saw one, in every town I saw one. I gave them a hashtag - #chasingvolksies - and a few people have joined in over the years. 

365 Project With Amy Jane

I got hold of Amy van den Bergh, an artist who lives and works in Johannesburg, to talk to her about her current 365 day project, her creative processes, and to hear a bit more of her journey as an artist. Here's how we started out...

Claire: I’m interested to find out more not only about your current output as an artist, but also  the internal journey you’ve taken so far, the challenges and and difficulties you’ve faced along the way. Would you be willing to talk a bit about that process?

A Journey into Creativity

I got it into my head to chat to artists and makers about their experience of taking part in an ongoing creative challenge - like a 30-day, 100-day or even 365-day thing. In addition to hearing about people's creative journeys, what their goals are, and what prompts them to start, I was really interested in the mental and emotional processes that go into this sort of challenge

Five Photowalks in Kalk Bay

This is truly one of my favourite areas to explore, and there is so much to photograph, from mountain views, to rockpools, to nicknacks in antique and thrift stores... 

Five Photowalks in Muizenberg

I'm putting together a series on quick photowalks in some of my favourite places in and around Cape Town. First up - Muizenberg. I could also have called this post 'Photo walks in Muizenberg that don't include the beach huts!' 

The Rambleiistas' Ultimate Roadtripping Guide

Having undertaken some practical research earlier in the year, by taking a 1.2 litre Hyundai over the Cedarberg without a map ("I'm sure it's not that far to the other side, hey?") and setting up our oversized tent and underinflated camping mattresses at Theewaters, Bronwen and I were ready to tackle anything, even braai-ing without a braai grid... 

The Joy of Cake

Raspberries piled on stacks of pancakes, drizzled with golden syrup, sticky baked chocolate cake, whole juicy pears baked in a cake. Wida Foster, of Cupcake Richard, is all about cake. Not just any cake, mind you. Vegan cake. Because, in her own words, "We want vegans to have nice cake. And we want nice cake for everybody." 

I Love Grahamstown

Four local Grahamstown igers, in collaboration with @Igersgrahamstown got together to run a community based iphoneography exhibition over the National Arts Festival. Robyn Oosthuysen,  Design Ardour company owner; Judith Belle, wedding and lifestyle photographer; Leolita Maroun, owner of Homeground Coffee Roasters; and Claire Brear, manager of the @igersgrahamstown community worked together to brainstorm the concept, come up with a strategy, develop a theme, set time frames and a budget for the project.