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Women Entrepreneurs

10 Web Design Trends (The Girlboss Edition)

In this post, I'm going to share 10 web design trends for female entrepreneurs, bloggers and creatives to help you evaluate whether the ideas you have for your own site build are current and future-focused, or whether they're overdue for an update. This post will also help you to think more practically about which elements are 'must-haves' for your own site so that you can communicate these ideas more clearly to the web designer you're working with. Thirdly, I hope this post will inspire you to build a beautiful online space that represents the hard work you've put into your project so far. 

Lioness Lean In

Lioness Lean In

This business breakfast (a real first for me) was hosted by Lionesses of Africa - a community of Africa's women entrepreneurs and Standard Bank Incubator. Kristine Pearson from Lifeline Energy shared some of her fascinating, and at times tear-jerking, story of running a charity which distributes wind-up radios to rural communities in Africa.