Moody Botanicals - A Photo Walk

I discovered Annie Spratt's work a while ago through Unsplash, one of my favourite free stock photography sites, and was taken with her story and her beautiful travel photography. Just recently I was reminded of her work once again and found myself mesmerised by a set of moody floral shots. She called it her 'brooding blossoms' phase. The combination of the dark background with the flower in close-up focus in the foreground makes a striking and whimsical image. And I love how the flowers don't look at all staged or styled. I can't be sure of this, but I suspect she took these in the wild.

Botanical Forage

A friend sent me a super inspirational short film about eco dyeing the other day, so I decided to go foraging for bright blossoms and plants to give it a go. Armed with a pair of kitchen scissors and a bag I went out in the rain and returned with cassia, succulents, thistle blossoms, eucalyptus bark, coral flowers, hibiscus buds, bougainvillea leaves, mulberries, pepper berries...