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10 Things to Ask Before Your Website Build

When it comes to building the perfect site for your business, our expectation can be that we'll hand it all over the site designer/builder and receive a miracle in return without doing our part. But we have a crucial part to play in figuring out what we want and why we want it that way. Whether you're taking the DIY approach, or hiring someone to build your site, these ten questions are worth taking the time to answer before you start. 

My E-commerce Overwhelm

Lately I've had a few people ask me why I decided to go with Shopstar, so I thought I would share the rather rough thoughts I wrote while I was in the process of making a decision about which e-commerce solution to use for Furoshiki Dreaming, my own online shop.

Social Selling with Tictail

It seems as soon as you finally make a decision on something, a hundred other options suddenly show up. I have had this experience with my decision about going with Shopstar as an an e-commerce platform. I'm planning to write a little more about why I made that decision later on so stay tuned. Right now though I want to talk about a free online shop platform I came across today called Tictail