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A masculine, fuss-free site

Dr Tim Pikor contacted me via my site, requesting a quote for a masculine, fuss-free site for his orthopaedic surgery based in Parktown, Johannesburg. He sent through his logo and existing design elements, as well as some ideas about what he was looking for in a site, and I got straight into the research.


Standing out from the crowd

Each client I work with has their own history, context, and discipline. Often that discipline develops a certain look and feel in their online presence that is distinct and instantly recognisable. Environmental companies tend toward one set of colours and plumbing companies another. Writers tend toward a clean, text-heavy site, while photographers are all about the imagery. The challenge is to work within a set of parameters so that the site is recognisable within its genre while standing out from the crowd. I find that in the research phase I can look at so much of what is 'out there' that I can condition myself to design something that looks just like everyone else' work - and where's the originality in that?

There's a point at which I need to stop gathering information, and start to design something that will work for the client and their unique set of requirements. 

I always start with a note book and a pencil.

Stick figures (or blobs) for the win!

Stick figures (or blobs) for the win!

Dr 'Blah' gets his own pencil drawn site!

Dr 'Blah' gets his own pencil drawn site!

I used Squarespace's 'Mentor' template, and customised design elements, layout, navigation, width, mobile appearance, and a few other odds and ends. One of the trickiest aspects was working to build a coherent set of offerings on the home page, which I did in the end by grouping six different sets of info into a gallery and customising the gallery itself. Each image becomes a link leading you through to further information.


Project Elements

  • Client questionnaire
  • Site map
  • Medical stock image sourcing
  • Website design & build
  • Email set up
  • Domain mapping
  • Squarespace tutorial & handover

Home Page

Tim Pikor - Orthopaedic Surgeon

Tim Pikor - Orthopaedic Surgeon

The Site


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