PENSU Environmental

Website | Facebook | Mailchimp | Email | Landing Page

A clean, minimal site for an Environmental Consulting firm incorporating indexed home page, drop-down menu for services, and blog feature for key projects.

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Website | Facebook | Mailchimp | Landing Page

Long scrolling home page, site-wide graphics, with blog & podcast functionality built in for New Zealand based NGO.

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The Gables, Sandton

Website Redesign | Facebook Ads | Digital Design

I redesigned this site to match the elegance of the venue itself, incorporating more dynamic content, an events page, simplifying the retail elements and allowing much more white space.

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Surejoy Industries

Website | Landing Page | Image Sourcing

A clean and simple one-pager showcasing a family owned industrial business in KZN.

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INteriors ETC

Website | Blog | Image Sourcing

A six-page site showcasing the skills and services of Cape Town based interior designer. 

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Skogheim Retreat Centre

Site Redesign | Mailchimp | PayPal

Revamp the site by streamlining site info, introducing a modern layout with less text and more image galleries. 

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Website | Blog | Events | Digital Design | Newsletters

A site to support a tandem adventure with blog capability, an events page, and lots of room for dynamic content.

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Laugh Live Love

Coaching | Design Elements | Blog Design & Build

Modern, classic Squarespace blog for KZN based lifestyle blogger incorporating food, style, travel, photography & inspirational themes.

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MMT By Design

Site Design & Build | Google Sheets

A simple, one-page site to host a design competition for MMT and Vega Design School. 

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