31 Days to Create [$7.50]

31 Days to Create is a month-long course of daily creative activation exercises designed to ignite your creativity. 

This all started as an idea to help ‘stuck’ creatives, and turned into a set of daily posts sent out to song-writers, bloggers, textile designers, poets, illustrators, photographers, entrepreneurs, painters and dancers. These posts have been collated into ebook form for you to go through at your own pace. You’ll get the most out of it if you work through it a day at a time, rather than all in one sitting. The aim is not just to read it but to do the exercises as you go along. Each exercise should take you five minutes to complete. 


  • An eBook in PDF format: 
  • Optimised for reading on iPad or mobile
  • Intro plus 31 brief chapters  
  • Daily inspirational graphic with quote
  • Daily reading plus practical exercise
  • 108 pages (large font)
  • Free repostable social media graphic

Instagram for Business

Many of us are quite at home with Instagram on a personal level - snapping that epic sunset, sharing holiday memories and following our favourite creatives and celebs. But can Instagram be used as an effective tool for your business?

Are you asking these questions?

  • Why should I invest my time in yet another social media platform?
  • Isn't Instagram just for selfie-taking teens and coffee drinking hipsters?
  • Can Instagram make a difference for my business?
  • If so, how? Give me some practical examples!
  • Do businesses play by different 'rules' on Instagram?
  • What if I don't have a professional camera?
  • Won't my images drown in a sea of cats and puppies?

With 500 million active users (and counting), and more and more brands using Instagram for marketing, Instagram can become the most powerful tool in your marketing toolkit. Based on real market research, with current examples, stats and walk throughs, Instagram for Business will help you learn how to make Instagram work for your business. 

Instagram: the Nuts & Bolts [$7.50]

People often ask me: How do I get going on Instagram? How often should I post? What makes a ‘good’ feed? What’s the fuss about hashtags? How do I gain followers? What are the ‘rules’ of engagement? Instagram: The Nuts & Bolts will give you a thorough grasp of the basics of Instagram, right from downloading the app, setting up, taking the shot, posting, connecting, through to using hashtags effectively and more. 


  • A 76 page PDF ebook
  • A guide to Instagram terms
  • Tips & hints
  • Action points

12 Ways to Make Your Instagram More Shoppable

This free download is a quick 12 point checklist to help you make your Instagram feed more shoppable. Quick and easy bite-sized chunks of information which you can action right away. I'd love to send you my newsletter, keeping you in the loop as to what I'm up to here at Bearista. If you're cool with that, click on the button and download the checklist now. 

P.S. This resource is an add-on to the blog post I wrote called "12 Reasons I'm not shopping your brand on Instagram." 

A Summer of Marketing 

Task Summary

I found a really helpful set of marketing tips from Noah Kagan and ended up blogging about it, and then developing this task summary for myself, so I made it into a PDF for you, for free.

It probably makes more sense to read the blog post in conjunction with this so you know what I'm talking about. Enjoy!