You’re starting your business, launching a blog, embarking on a new project, or running an NGO. One of your top priorities is a good-looking website that works like a dream.

Your website is just one item on a long list of things you have to get done. You’re overwhelmed, experiencing a combination of information overload and decision fatigue. On a budget you can’t afford to make a mistake and choose the wrong solution for your business. But you also can’t spend all your time agonising over this decision.


You need clarity. You need step by step guidance. You need someone you can trust to listen to your ideas and make them come to life - soon.


And once your site is up and running, you need to be able to manage your website like the rest of your business: proactive, involved, and absolutely hands on.

I understand.

About five years ago, when it came time for me to build a website for my social media business, I was astounded by all the options. Wordpress, Wix, Weebly, domains, emails, hosting, pricing. This list went on. And on. I wanted to know I was getting good value for money without compromising design features for my professional online presence.

Squarespace became my go to solution.

They won me over with their focus on serving creative independent business owners including photographers, health practitioners, environmental consultants and everyone in between. Visually arresting sites which work across all devices and are easy to manage seemed like a winning combination to me. I built my own site, and then started building sites for other people, guiding them through what can be a daunting process.


I now use all that time, energy and the lessons I’ve learned building my own website to take clients step by step through the design process and onto a finished product - your very own live website.  


People always ask, ‘Is it going to be easy for me to manage my own site in the future?’ The answer is always a resounding “Yes!” As the creative director of your business, blog or NGO, you need to be able to access your site, update info, write blog posts, and make the creative decisions that best suit you. That’s why once your site is up and running, it's yours. Full stop.

I create a step by step tailored set of video tutorials on how to really own and use your website, meaning that you take it from here.

Are you ready to take that next critical step on your business journey by getting your website sorted out - and pronto?

I’d like to invite you to book a obligation free call (ask anyone, I’m not pushy) with me to find out if working with me on your website is the right step for you.

Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures.
— Lovelle Drachman

Hi, I’m Claire Brear.

Some people have a career path. Others have what I’d call a career ‘squiggle.’ I think I fall into the second category. I grew up on the sunny East Coast of South Africa, on a farm surrounded by chickens, cows, ducks, horses and a huge strawberry patch. I majored in English Literature, Linguistics, and Music at Rhodes University, and went on to study music and teaching at post-graduate level.

I’ve worked in a range of environments, and among my favourite have been those where I’m working in a creative team and have room to explore, ideate, create, nurture, and build authentic relationships. Since graduating I’ve been a sound engineer, teacher, pastor, project manager, blogger, web designer, and entrepreneur.

If there’s one thing that makes me come alive it is helping someone take that next step toward their creative dream. I’d love to be part of your creative journey too.


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My favourite things

Tea · Travel · Trail-running · Photography · Thrift-shopping · DIY · Reading · Cooking · Flowers · Vintage Caravans · More Reading · Sea Swims · Art Deco Architecture · Reading · More Tea


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