Off on an Adventure

Earlier in the year I went over to New Zealand to catch up with family I haven’t seen since they relocated there about five years ago. It was wonderful to finally spend some quality time with my sister, her husband and their three very grown up boys (so tall, so teenage!). I also got to explore some of the most spectacular landscapes.

Kigali Photo Fest - A Squarespace Site

The organisers of the Kigali Photo Festival believe that African artists play a crucial role in educating African audiences and this festival will see a series of workshops, events and exhibitions dedicated to the work of Rwandan photographers across a range of genres.

Every Nation Marseille - A Squarespace Site

Every Nation Marseille have been around a while - a church plant out of the States reaching out to artists, students, locals and internationals who have made the port city of Marseille, France, their home. This was a first for me - not necessarily a site for a church or an NGO, but a site in an entirely different language! Thank you Google Translate for allowing me to at least understand what the content of the site was, and which elements should go where.

Every Nation Glasgow - A Squarespace Site

Euan and Romona McCrindle have been living in Berlin for the last ten years, and have been dreaming about making the move to Glasgow, Scotland, to start a church within the Every Nation family of churches. There are so many things on their to-do list what with moving country, settling kids into new schools, and starting the work they feel called to.

Cornerstone Learning Centre - A Squarespace Site

Sheryl Mulder, a school teacher based on the KZN South Coast had a dream to start a small school to support children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), as well as learners who experience developmental delays that make it difficult for them to learn in mainstream classrooms.

10 Things to Ask Before Your Website Build

When it comes to building the perfect site for your business, our expectation can be that we'll hand it all over the site designer/builder and receive a miracle in return without doing our part. But we have a crucial part to play in figuring out what we want and why we want it that way. Whether you're taking the DIY approach, or hiring someone to build your site, these ten questions are worth taking the time to answer before you start. 

True creativity looks a lot like hard work

If there's anything I’m coming to terms with at the moment it's that my idea of creativity and the substance of creativity are really quite different. The difference is in the work. All. That. Work.

Seven Ways to Prepare for Your Squarespace Website Build

The process of preparing for your website, as in many other areas of life, is severely underrated. Preparation can make or break your experience of building a website. It can mean the difference between a smooth process and a headache-inducing one, between timeously met deadlines and (very) late nights, between an excellent, well-tested end product and a rush job. Many people don't prepare for their website build, either because they don't know that they can prepare (believe it or not!), or because they don't know how to prepare effectively. Here are six ways that you can prepare for your Squarespace website build. 

Make it well, then let it go

I’ve been there. And so have you. For so long it has been a little secret that only you, and perhaps a few trusted friends, have known about. You’ve worked with it, fed it, coddled it, picked it apart, stayed up nights dreaming about it, whispered in hushed tones in coffee shops about it, worried others would steal your idea. You dreamed big dreams for it.

Harmonics - A Squarespace Site

Harmonics has been around a while - a collaborative of musicians, percussionists and teachers who host workshops, take people on musical journeys, and help others experience the magic and mystery of music. Paul Boyter, who leads the team, has gathered around him dancers, drummers, singers and other musicians from all over South Africa and aims to blend music and mindfulness into an authentic musical experience.

Ooh Lulu - A Squarespace Site

Ooh Lulu is a wedding and events company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Zahida, the founder, ‘accidentally’ started her business after planning a family neighbour’s wedding. It was such a hit that people started asking her to plan their weddings too!

Squarespace: 12 Frequently Asked Questions

As someone who builds Squarespace sites for a living, I get a lot of questions about the platform. People ask me things like: Is Squarespace any good? Why should I use it? Why would you recommend it? What are the capabilities? Is it cheap or expensive? How does it compare with Wordpress? Is it safe, or will my site be hacked?

How to Write an About Page for your Website (With a Template + Practical Example)

The ‘About’ page on your website is one of the most popular pages on your site. When people come across your online shop, see your services, read one of your blog posts, or spot a product you have on offer, they want to know who the person behind the business is. They’re asking some, or all, of the following questions…

Bianca Bouverie - A Squarespace Site

Bianca Bouverie is a super talented graphic and UI/UX designer who left the city to return to her small town roots and in the process opened up her own design studio. I've had the privilege of working with her on several projects over the last while, and am always impressed by her creativity, fast-paced work style, and no-nonsense approach to design. She isn't afraid to say when something isn't working, which when it comes to design is the kind of tactic that saves us all a lot of heartache!

Home Box Co - A Squarespace Site

Casey Polson is runs an interior and property consulting service in Cape Town, South Africa, and she recently came up with a new business idea to launch a monthly subscription box based around interiors and homeware. Each month her team curates a box of bespoke and individual hand selected home items around a theme. The emphasis is on supporting locally designed and manufactured goods.

Nerine Jones - A Squarespace Site

Nerine Jones’ passion is to help women from diverse cultures discover their personal style. She is a qualified Image Consultant accredited by AICI (Association of Image Consultants International), and founded Styleworx in Doha, Qatar. She contacted me to put together a site for her new business as a personal stylist where she could introduce herself, feature a blog, showcase client testimonials, and advertise a range of services.

Five Loaves Two Fish - A Squarespace Site

Fiona Hobson, a retired high school teacher and farmer's wife, realised that many of the people employed on their Karoo farm were unable to read. She started teaching basic literacy in English and Afrikaans on the farm, and later reached out to the local school in Klipplaat, their nearest town, to see how else she could help. This initial action has become a charity called 'Five Loaves Two Fish.' Fiona, along with her husband Rob (who incidentally was among my first Squarespace clients), asked if I'd put together a site showcasing the work Five Loaves Two Fish are doing among their community as a place to start raising awareness and funds for ongoing reading programs.

Crosby & Smalls - A Shopify Site

Crosby & Smalls is local Durban based business that sells retro and vintage goods. Okay, truth be told, this is a side business that a good friend of mine (Vicky) and I started to fund our travels! We launched last November with a simple strategy for growing our audience on Instagram and Facebook, and selling directly from those platforms. We had it in our minds that at some point we might need to transition to a proper e-commerce solution, but we wanted to give it some time to develop before we committed to the monthly payments. We've loved the personal interaction we have with our customers, and the relationships we're developing as we go along, but have found recently that it is taking up a lot of time and have looked again at some e-commerce options that would suit us. 

RiverLife Church - A Squarespace Site

RiverLife Church on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal was ready to launch their first ever website, and wanted a site that would appeal to a cross-section of the congregation from teens, to young families, to more established members of the community. They wanted a welcoming, personal and easy to navigate site.

Kundai Conquer - A Squarespace Site

Kundai Nachito has a fascinating story to tell - one that deals with notions of self, sickness and society. As a young black HIV+ woman in South Africa, Kundai's dream is to create a platform where she can first begin to share her story in the form of prose, poetry and photography, and then invite others to begin to share their stories. She is especially interested in the intersection between sickness and society, sickness and relationships, and sickness and love.